Monday 8 January 2007

Welcome to our Village

A M A N I (translates: PEACE)
Education Project/Pre-Primary School

Maweni Village /Diani Beach/ Kenya, Africa
Contact Consolata or Pascal at: phone +254726924780
PO Box 5618

Welcome to Maweni Village

Maweni Village is a small community of 400 on the southern coast of Kenya. One of the most economically deprived villages along the coast, Maweni has many families who cannot afford the fees required for attendance at nearby schools. With such limited opportunities, the affects on children's education is substantial.
To reverse this situation, a temporary nursery school was established in January 2000. However, with restricted resources, the teachers could not be paid, and a permanent building were not affordable.
After discussing the needs of the village with the villagers, we decided to build a center that would benefit the entire community. Through generosity of individuals, land was purchased in 2006 and permanent buildings are under construction.
Currently, we have a nursery and kindergarten classes, including a free lunch program, as well as adult education courses in the evenings.
We are working to insure a lasting future for the children of Maweni Village by creating a safe, healthy and clean environment to support learning. Our goal is to encourage the love of learning.

Our Current Construction Projects: January 2007
Constructing 2 New Classrooms for Kindergarten and Nursery
Constructing 2 New Classrooms for Library & Adult Education
Constructing a Dining Hall/ Community Center
Constructing a Kitchen for Lunch Program
Constructing 2 Latrines

Constructing a Well

Our Education Projects
The Amani Center- The Amani Center is a compound which houses a kindergarten and nursery school and assists adult education courses. Soon it will include a dining hall, community center, kitchen and community library.

Adult Education
Literacy classes are taught in English and Swahili. English as a Second Language classes are taught for those wishing to improve their English for tourist-related work opportunities. Business and computer classes will be available in the future.
Amani Kindergarten
Amani Nursery and Kindergarten have been in operation since 2000. These classes are taught by local teachers and follow the Kenyan Standard Education Curriculum.

In addition to the nursery and kindergarten classes, there are several primary and secondary schools within walking distance of Maweni village. Scholarships are available for the children of Maweni whose parents cannot afford to send their children to school.
Community Library
Several hundred books have been donated to the project. With these, we plan to open a library for the entire village. Books are in English and Swahili.
Lunch Program
With generous donations we are able to feed our children free lunch. With food in their stomache, they are able to focus on learning.
Volunteer Program
Various projects require the assistance of volunteers. Volunteers have helped build new classrooms and teach in schools. Volunteers have the opportunity to learn about local village life in Africa while helping to build a global community. If you are interested in volunteering please contact us.

Ways you can Help:
Sponsor a Child- For 100Euro/150USD you can pay for an entire year of education. This includes school fees, books, lunch, uniform and teacher education.
Contribute to the Building Fund- We have continual building projects such as classrooms, desks, shelves, library, latrines, well, and play structure.
General School Fund-Contributions to this fund will give teacher training, buy new class supplies, improve learning materials, provide medical and first aid or sponsor special activities such as art workshops or children's outings.

This project is managed by local supporters at the grassroots level, and residents of Maweni Village. The project is working towards sustainability, but looks to international contributors for guidance and support to enable its growth.

If you would like to help, please contact us. Your support is most appreciated.

Amani Pre-Primary School/ Maweni Village
Diani Beach/ Kenya, Africa
Contact Consolata or Pascal at: phone +254726924780

PO Box 5618

Thank You to Our Contributors

Thank you to our recent contributors
January/February/March 2007
Purchasing our new land:
Amani Education Project
Directors Wintry & Paul Whitt-Smith Portland, Oregon USA

Financing our new construction including two classrooms, two latrines, dining hall & kitchen:
The Bouter Family- Spijksedijk, Gorinchem- The Netherlands
Bogor Projectontwikkeling- The Netherlands

Project On-site Coordinator and Builders:
Brian and Brenda Luzader- Portland, Oregon- USA / Luzader Construction

Donating Goats for our community & School Shoes for our Children:
B&B Relief- Oregon/Washington/California, USA

Donating Clothes and Shoes for our community:
Wir Helfen in Ukunda e.v.- Thomas, Christine & Fabian Dorr & Mattis K.-Germany

Pledging Medical Support for Maweni Children:
Ukunda Medical Centre, Dr Ireri- Ukunda, Kenya

Donating 200 kg of rice and 90 kg of beans and cooking oil to our lunch program: Aleks Andra & Eryk Hiercimok-Poland

Donating classroom Text Books and Rest Time Mattress for our children: Fabian Door & Friends-Germany

Additional financing for our lunch program, building supplies for construction of well and two more classrooms: The Bouter Family-Spijksedijk Gorinchem, Holland

Donation of two school desks: Alfred & Elizabeth Meier -Ettlingen, GermanySponsoring 5 children & providing Adult Education Materials plus Table/Chairs: Katie Evans- Texas, USA

Donation to add landscaping, put gutters on building to harvest rain water, plus sponcor two children: Craig Martin- Cairns Australia

Donation of School Supplies including activity books, pencils, markers & writing pads: Solange & Dominique Mazzoleni- France

Sponcorship of Amani Children through B&B Relief: Brian & Brenda Luzader-Oregon USA, Katie Evans-Texas USA, Dr. Ralph & Nancy Fear-Oregon USA, The Greiner Family- Washington DC USA, Filippo Testoni- Abruzzi Italy, The Gage Family-Oregon USA, Dorothy Ellis-California USA, Craig Martin-Cairnes Australia, Mark Brady-Canada, Phil Husky- Oregon USA, Jack and Darlene Sheridan-Oregon USA, Jeff and Margaret-Oregon USA, Darlene Greiner-Oregon, USA